Pinned ES23 - Taking me down (23.11.2018)

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    • ES23 - Taking me down (23.11.2018)

      Beschreibung: - Taking me down - ist eine streng auf 300 Kopien limierte Single.

      Description: - Taking me down - is limited only to 300 Copies.

      Name: Taking me down (Single)
      Veröffentlichung / Release: 23.11.2018
      Disks: 1
      Label: Infacted Recordings
      Link to Amazon:
      ASIN: B07KB2Z4MJ

      01. Taking Me Down
      02. Taking Me Down (Frozen Plasma Remix)
      03. Taking Me Down (Ruined Conflict Remix)
      04. Taking Me Down (Synthattack Remix)
      05. Taking Me Down (State Of The Union Remix)
      06. Erase My Heart (Classic Version)