Pinned Grendel - Age of the Disposable Body (Vö: 27.10.2017)

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    • Grendel - Age of the Disposable Body (Vö: 27.10.2017)

      Beschreibung: Am 27. Oktober 2017 erscheint das neue Album der Industrial, EBM Band Grendel. Das Album trägt den Namen "Age of the Disposable Body".

      Name: Age of the Disposable Body
      Veröffentlichung: 27. Oktober 2017
      Label: Minuswelt (Soulfood)
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      Anspieltipp(s): N/A

      Tracklist CD1:

      01.Magnum Opus (intro)
      02.Severed Nations
      03.Hex It
      04.Fall Like Rome
      06.Far Away (feat. The.Invalid)
      09.Dead Inside
      10.Zero Hour

      Tracklist CD2:

      01. AOTDB (NOIRE Antidote remix)
      02. Severed Nations (Ludovico Technique remix)
      03. Flux (Assemblage 23 remix)
      04. Hex It (Sølve remix)
      05. Dead Inside (Shiv-R remix)
      06. Far Away (Panic Lift remix)
      07. AOTDB (The Ladder remix)
      08. Hex It (Spitmask remix)
      09. Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten remix)
      10. Flux (Alpha Quadrant remix)
      11. Severed Nations (Plastic Noise Experience remix)
      12. Flux (Solar Fake Remix)
      13. Hex It (High Functioning Flesh remix)
      14. Far Away (Peter Turns Pirate remix)