Gothics-Nature - History 2000 until now

  • Folgende Änderungen sind aktuell geplant / im Gange:

    Die Festivalzone wird bis auf die Jahresübersicht aufgelöst und die Events in den jeweiligen Bereich Eventzone (DE) und Eventzone (Worldwide) verschoben.

    Die Städte Unterteilung in der Eventzone (DE) wird aufgelöst (100%) und die jeweiligen Events in ihre eigenen Bereiche bzw. das Archiv verschoben.

    Die Version wurde auf v11.3.0 angehoben.

    The following changes are currently planned / in progress:

    The festival zone will be dissolved except for the annual overview and the events will be moved to the respective areas Eventzone (DE) and Eventzone (Worldwide).

    The city subdivision in the event zone (DE) will be dissolved (100%) and the respective events will be moved to their own areas or the archive.

    The version was raised to v11.3.0.

  • Wir sind uns aktuell bewusst, das wir Ende November zum Veröffentlichungstermin noch nicht alle Links gefunden haben, die dann noch eventuell ins leere führen. Aber dieses Problem wird sich über kurz oder lang von selbst, durch diverse Aktualisierungen, lösen. Die Portalstruktur hat sich einfach zu stark durch das Update verändert, sodass 8.430 Threads und 19.238 Postings zu kontrollieren, dann doch etwas aufwendiger und zeitraubender ist als ursprünglich geplant. Es wird so einfach noch etwas dauern wird, bis alles seine saubere Struktur hat.

    We are currently aware that at the end of November we have not yet found all the links that might lead to nothing. But this problem will sooner or later solve itself through various updates. The portal structure has simply changed too much by the update, so that to control 8,430 threads and 19,238 postings is a bit more complex and time-consuming than planned. It will simply take some more time until everything has its clean structure.

  • Wir planen den Start von GN 2020 für Sonntag (29.11.2020) im laufe des Tages!

    Nochmals der Hinweis! Aufgrund der starkem Umstrukturierung der Software, werden sicherlich noch einige Fehler da sein. Solltet ihr Fehler finden, bitte meldet diese über die Beitrag melden Funktion, per Mail oder per Facebook! Vielen Dank

    We plan to launch GN 2020 on Sunday (2020/11/29) during the day!

    Once again the hint! Due to the strong restructuring of the software, there will certainly still be some errors. If you find any bugs, please report them via the post report function, by mail or via Facebook! Thanks a lot!

  • Die Freischaltung der neuen GN2020 Webseite ist am Sonntag, den 29.11.2020, nach einigen Anlaufschwierigkeiten geglückt. Nach und nach werden wir nun die letzten Fehler korrigieren und die neuen Features mit Informationen füllen. Wir hoffen, Euch gefällt die neue GN2020!

    The activation of the new GN2020 website was successful on Sunday 29.11.2020 after some initial difficulties. Bit by bit we will now correct the last errors and fill the new features with information. We hope you like the new GN2020!

  • Phase 1 (finished!): Installation, check Installation, coarser overview of the content (start date 2020/10/09 = Installation date, end date 2020/11/29 = release date)

    Phase 2 (ongoing!): Update and reinitialize all Zones, filling new features and datebases with new content (start date 2020/11/29, end date spring 2021 - status about 48%, 2020/12/29)

    Phase 3 (not started!): Finalizing GN 2020 with fine tuning in all Zones, Features and Databases (start date: spring 2021 / summer 2021)

  • Now we haven't heard from you for a while. :( But the second phase of the restructuring is in full swing. Unfortunately, it is not progressing as we would like. The deadline for the end of phase 2 and the start of phase 3 will probably not be met as planned. :( However, since phases 2 and 3 overlap a lot in the meantime, it actually looks quite good. ;)

  • Good news: In the band zone, phase 2 is 100% complete and phase 3 is in full swing. The festival zone is unfortunately still behind schedule and we are only about 65% there. However, our calendar continues to grow and already contains over 500 dates. Our encyclopaedia is also growing, and in the last few days we have passed the 1,000 entries mark.

    Happy Easter and stay healthy!

  • At the end of the month, here's another update from us:

    We have updated or added 76 festivals this month (calendar, lexicon, etc.), and also updated the tour dates of 108 bands. The festival zone is currently in phase 2 at about 71%, but unfortunately still off schedule. Nevertheless, our calendar contains almost 600 dates and our encyclopaedia (yes, unfortunately it is still called that, but the name search continues) has reached 1,130 entries. Unfortunately, our delay of requests continues to grow. Please be sure: If we don't answer or don't put anything online, it's not because of you, but because of time.

    We also want to reiterate: GN is our baby and we don't post much on social networks at the moment, but be sure that once we are through with the whole changeover, that will change.

    Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

  • Monthly update:

    We have updated or added 91 festivals in the month of May (calendar, lexicon, etc.), and also updated the tour dates of 123 bands. The many public holidays made this possible for us! The festival zone is currently in phase 2 at about 91.50%, unfortunately still off target, but it's getting better. Our calendar now has almost 700 active dates and our encyclopaedia (#wirsuchenimmernocheinnamenfürunserlexikon ;) ) has reached 1,293 entries. Unfortunately, our delay of requests continues to grow and grow and grow. Yes, the time, unfortunately. :(

    We wish a nice week and stay healthy!