Heroes 6 Might and Magic - U-Play / Start / Update / Blackscreen

  • You have Heroes 6 Might and Magic on your PC installed but can't start them over U-Play or can Patch them to Shades of Darkness?

    1. You must deinstall your local Installation on your PC.
    2. Then start the U-Play Launcher and click on the Button download the Game.
    3. Is the Download and the Installation finished, so you can see a button - Play - click them.

    With some Laptops/Graphics cards it can be possible, you get a Blackscreen during the Game start.

    Here is the solution:

    Search in your Heroes 6 Installationpath the following file: "Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe"
    Then click with a Rightclick on this and click properties.
    Now click on the tab - compatibility - and set a tick at - deactivate Fullscreen optimation -.

    Please Note: This is a German Translation, your Windows/PC can have a little bit other text or description.

    Now you can start the Game.